Motivational Youth Seminars™

John L. Givens III is the founder of MYS Inc., and a former U.S. Marine Corps Sr. Drill Instructor and Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff turn Author and Entrepreneur working with at-risk youth and young adults within the community of southern California attempting to make a positive impact in their lives as they have a great degree of potential but lack guidance to get started on their “success journey.”

My “Why” for Coach Mom Gear

This is probably my favorite question of them all because it allows me to tell my mom to Son experiences.  My Mom was a teacher and Social Worker for over 30 years.  She nurtured, hugged, and provided for my two sisters and me.  I have been married to the same woman for 38 years in June (2023) and we have two very successful Sons and one daughter whom we taught to love, honor, and cherish their mother.  These two Moms in my life have been real “Life-Coaches.” They allowed us the liberty to grow into manhood and womanhood without unnecessary restrictions, while trusting us to make mistakes that fortified our personal development and finally, they instructed us when we were out of bounds on the requirements of priorities and boundaries.

Coach Mom Gear Brand represents the mom who embodies these values, and she lives them every day.  That’s my “WHY” for sharing this brand with Moms all over this region.